Goodwood Road Racing Club

The Goodwood Road Racing Club is a group of like-minded motorsport enthusiasts whose home is the stunning Goodwood Estate in West Sussex. This year marks the 20-year anniversary of the Club, created by the Duke of Richmond to provide benefits for those who want to be at the heart of the world’s most renowned motorsport events. This is the most exciting and intimate way of going racing for you, your guests and your family, and as well as Goodwood’s iconic headline events, Members can enjoy an exciting programme of benefits and activities throughout the year, including track days, balls, factory visits, driving tours, access to The Kennels, exclusive live streams and  videos, discounts across the Estate and much more. The Club currently consists of two tiers; Membership, of which there are 6,500 people (capped) and Fellowship, of which there are currently just over 8,000 people.

XL Leasing


They’re qualities you look for in a vehicle, so why not the way in which you lease it? The modern world changes quickly and your circumstances sometimes quicker. When it happens make sure your vehicle management is in step.

XL Limited specialise in the supply of short term contract hire cars to both corporate and private individuals. Cars at a cost commensurate with long term funding but with none of the hassle of owning, operating and maintaining a modern fleet vehicle.

McLaren Owners Club

At the beginning of 2016, a group of enthusiastic new McLaren owners started talking on internet forums about their recent acquisitions and found a widerspread interest in developing a community. From humble beginnings, in a short space of time, the group has grown to in excess of three hundred confirmed UK owners of every McLaren road car model. 

Quickly the group adopted a private Facebook group as the preferred means of communicating for its convenience and speed, and has grown quickly as the go to source for information McLaren ownership.  With a membership incorporating individuals who have had several vehicles and many years experience under their belts, the open forum allows individuals to share answers to many common issues with fellow owners.  

As the group has grown, members in different parts of the UK have organised meets, drives and other events to develop a social scene with fellow owners. Some of our group also take part in official McLaren track events at some of the leading circuits in the UK and Europe. Going forward the group aims to develop more events to enhance the experience for fellow McLaren owners.


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Whatever the model, we all share a passion for Porsche.

As well as meeting likeminded Porsche enthusiasts, Club members enjoy a wide range of real benefits. These include exclusive national and local events, access to technical help and advice, track days and factory tours.

Our Club is very fortunate to enjoy the support of a number of carefully selected partners who are equally passionate about the Porsche brand. Our partnerships allow members to obtain discount on Porsche branded parts from Porsche Centres, get cashback on Pirelli tyres, obtain highly competitive policies and enjoy discount on car care products to name just a few.


TartanTarmac aims to be Scotland’s most popular website for motoring enthusiasts and people who think of cars and bikes as more than just a method of getting from A to B.

We aim to provide:

• News and reviews of the latest ‘interesting’ cars to launch in the UK while always comparing them to our favourites from the past
• Provide a timetable for all motoring events happening across Scotland
• Give motorsport teams a platform to display their results
• Provide news, reviews and results from as many Motorsports events across Scotland as possible
• Build a community for debate on cars, bikes, roads and events

While the UK has many motoring websites ranging from owners club forums to international classifieds sites, the founders of Tartan Tarmac felt that there was a need for site that was more focused on Scotland. As Scotland has some of the best roads in the world, we felt that a site based here would provide more entertaining content than one based in the more gridlocked areas of the UK.

Not just satisfied with running a successful website, the founders of Tartan Tarmac aim to attend and organise as many motoring events and runs as they possibly can, after all, this is the most fun part of motoring!